YouTuber Ben Sullins finds out what Tesla SUV is the best for a family: the smaller Model Y or the larger Model X. He breaks the video into categories from range to cargo space and gives his verdict at the end. 

He starts with driving range and acceleration, both of which the Model X clearly wins. Next is cargo space, something that’s important for families. Since the Model X is larger, it wins this one with a maximum cargo capacity of 88 cubic feet with both rows folded down. The Model Y tops out at 66 cubic feet. He doesn’t give numbers for cargo space behind the third or second rows because Tesla doesn’t advertise them. 

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The YouTuber has previously owned a Model X and recommends the five or seven-seat configuration over the six because the middle seats don't fold down in the six-seat configuration. As for the third row of the Model Y, he likes it. Not for adults of course, but for small adults or kids. He was surprised that Tesla was still able to cram cargo space behind the third row. 

As for tech, he thinks the Y has plenty but is astonished by all the new tech the refreshed X is getting. 

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Towards the end of the video, he almost gives you his answer. Although he’s owned a Model X in the past and likes it, he would never buy one now that he has kids. This is because he fears the Falcon doors can come down on one of the kids and potentially hurt them. He claims both he and his wife have had the Falcon doors close on top them, and even though they have a sensor for that, it still hurts. When it comes to looks, he prefers the Model Y

His verdict is basically decided by the price. Besides not liking the child-hurting Falcon doors, he thinks the price difference between the X and Y is a lot, and can’t justify spending an extra $40k on the X (he’s comparing the Long Range model prices). According to him, the X is over the top and prefers the Y. 

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