Our friends Katie and Steve, hosts of the YouTube channel All Electric Family, live for family road trips and camping excursions. They spent years towing a massive travel trailer with a gas pickup truck. However, now, they have a Tesla Model X for their journeys, but sadly, they have to pull a smaller camper in order to have a decent amount of range.

A Little Background

In our pursuit of new and interesting EV-related content to share with you, we stumbled upon a neat YouTube channel called Trail Less Traveled. The only reason it appeared on our radar is that the family hosting the channel bought a Model X. There wasn't much EV content on the channel at the time, but we found the Tesla towing trips compelling.

There was so much interest in the YouTube channel once we started highlighting its videos, that Katie and Steve decided to change its name to All Electric Family. In so doing, they also changed the overall content to be more geared to EV owners, and especially those who travel and tow with their Teslas.

Latest Road Trip and the Airstream

Fast-forward to the present and All Electric Family loaded up the Model X to its maximum capacity of seven passengers. They hit the road, however, this time, rather than towing something, they're heading out to find something new to tow.

All Electric Family learned that they can achieve more range with their Model X if they invest in an Airstream, plus they'll have more room for their large family. To take things a step further, they're considering buying either a Tesla Cybertruck or Rivian R1T in the future. The thought is, an electric pickup truck married to an Airstream could be the perfect rig for their extensive travels.

They head from their home in Nebraska to Des Moines, Iowa on a cold winter day to check out the Airstream Flying Clouds. Should they buy it? Check out the fun video for the details. Then, leave All Electric Family your advice in the comment section below. Cybertruck, R1T, or stick with the Model X? Airstream?

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