This video captures a lifted Ford Super-Duty (F-250 or F-350, most likely) pickup truck in a fit of road rage. The truck driver attempts to pass a Tesla on the shoulder and nearly smashes into the EV. The truck almost hits a road sign too.

It appears as though the driver of the truck is upset that the Tesla moves into the fast lane, which the truck had already occupied. The Tesla surely doesn't cut the huge truck off though. However, once the Tesla moves into that lane, the truck speeds up quickly and then attempts the dangerous shoulder pass.

The massive truck comes within inches of hitting the Tesla and then, a bit later in the overtaking attempt, a road sign comes into view and nearly takes out the oversized truck.

Passing on the shoulder is illegal and highly dangerous. The truck driver is clearly in the wrong here and the act could've ended with a bad outcome. Luckily, nobody was injured though.

We must admit that this huge truck sure does look intimidating due to its size. If we were behind the wheel of the Tesla we'd likely move over to avoid any chance of collision. Safety first, right?

Per the uploader of the video:

Truck driver tries to overtake a Tesla on the left shoulder, at one point coming within inches of the Tesla. Once the Tesla driver notices the Cowboy he punches it to avoid catastrophe. Near the end the cowboy narrowly misses clipping the sign on the pole. This could’ve ended ugly.

Check out the video and let us know your thoughts in comments. Did the Tesla driver provoke this in any way? 

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