The Porsche 911 is arguably one of, if not, the most iconic sports cars of all time. Time will certainly tell if hardcore Porsche fans, as well as fans of all iconic gas-powered sports cars, will eventually flock to electric cars. 

First, automakers have to prove that electric vehicles are the future. They can't hold back, hide them, or limit their production and sales. Instead, they must embrace them. They must tell their fans the truth, EVs are simply better.

Porsche deserves major Kudos for doing just that on its official YouTube channel. It pits the all-electric Porsche Taycan against two top-notch variants of the legendary 911: The 911 GT3 RS and 911 GT3 Cup. We get to see these cars compete on the twisty track and at the drag strip. As an aside, we'd also like to point out which model Porsche has chosen to feature on the front page of its official U.S. website: The Porsche Taycan, "Soul, electrified."

On paper, the two 911 variants have a commanding ~3 second zero-to-60-mph time. Meanwhile, Porsche says its electric Taycan Turbo S can hit the mark in just 2.6 seconds with Launch Control, though we know it has beat that time on many occassions.

In the video above, Porsche chooses to feature the Taycan Turbo, with its 3-second zero-to-60-mph time, rather than the Turbo S. This puts the gas-powered 911s and the electric Taycan on a level playing field. However, it also means that, no matter the results, Porsche has a quicker car that's sitting this one out.

With all of that said, we're not giving any spoilers here. You'll have to check out brief video to learn about the results.

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