Romanian car buyers are slowly embracing electric and electrified vehicles as a viable means to get around. Proof is the record rise in the number of new electric and electrified vehicles that were purchased through 2020.

According to the country’s automakers' and automobile importers’ association (APIA), exactly 2,846 new electric cars were registered throughout the country in 2020. That is an 89 percent increase over the 1,506 pure EVs registered in 2019. Even though Romanian buyers don’t quite have the purchasing power of western European car buyers, thanks to one of the largest EV incentives (almost €10,000 for a new EV), people are still motivated to buy electric.

Unsurprisingly, the single most popular manufacturer was Renault (maker of the Zoe, Twingo and Kangoo Z.E.), followed by the Volkswagen (e-Golf and e-Up!) and Skoda with its Citigo iV, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz and Tesla.

Plug-in hybrids saw a resurgence in 2020 too. They were up 158 percent year-on-year and together with EVs they managed to increase their combined market share from 4.2 percent in 2019 to 7.1 percent in 2020.

EVs will continue to grow in popularity in the country, as more models become available, especially on the more affordable side of the spectrum. Tesla is set to officially enter the Romanian market in 2021, and it has pledged to build its first three Supercharger stations in the near future too. Romania is also the home of Dacia, and even though the manufacturer’s first EV, the Spring, won’t be locally manufactured, its low acquisition price and familiar badge are sure to make it a hit.

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