Porsche notes strong demand for the all-electric Taycan model in the U.S. and, as it turns out, both in the fourth quarter and 2020, the Taycan beat the Panamera in sales.

In Q4 the company sold 1,517 units, which is really not bad - especially because it was a hot time that required redirecting as much of the production for Europe as possible, to support Volkswagen Group's CO2-mission.

Compared to the overall Porsche sales, that's over 8.6% or more than one in 12 new cars.

Porsche Taycan sales in the U.S. in Q4 2020


In 2020, Porsche sold 4,414 Taycan in the U.S. (7.7% of its total volume). About one-quarter were delivered to customers in California.

We guess that with the introduction of derivative models, Porsche should be able to increase its BEV share to over 10% in 2021.

On top of that, there are plug-in hybrids (Panamera and Cayenne), but the German company hasn't revealed those sales.


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