The all-electric pickup segment will gain many all-new models within the next few years, some from established manufacturers, others from startups of varying credibility. One of the mainstream players set to launch its own electron sipping pickup is Ford, and its plan is to offer an all-electric version of the ever popular F-150.

The F-150 was recently revised for the 2021 model year, and based on its look, we can estimate what the battery powered variant will look like. This rendering is so far the closest interpretation of what it could look like, complete with the full-width front light bar.

What do we know about the F-150 EV so far? Well, it will be the most powerful version out of all the F-150 powertrains, it will feature a dual-motor setup and aside from the space in the bed, it will also feature a vast front trunk; oh, and it might be a range extender too.

In regards to the power output, it really needs to be considerably more powerful than any current F-150 in order to compete with the crazy power numbers that some rivals are advertising.

When should we expect to see it? The F-150 EV will be built at Ford’s Rouge Center in Michigan and it will go into production in 2022; first deliveries are pegged for mid-2022. By that time, mosts of its key rivals will have already debuted - check out our list of electric trucks, cars and SUVs that are set to debut next year.

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