Today is a day of permissions it seems. First, the Chinese government allowed Tesla to sell MIC Model Y, and also today - but in Germany - the government announced a green light to clear another part (82.8 hectares) of the Tesla Giga Berlin site.

According to reports, Tesla intends to harvest more trees from the tree farm to build storage facilities and pipe systems (see light green area on the image below). The first harvester was already waiting since a week or so ago.

Tesla Giga Berlin plan via Gf4Tesla
Tesla Giga Berlin plan via Gf4Tesla

It seems that once this will be completed, still about half of the plot (white and light red areas) will be waiting for their turn and further projects (like the battery plant maybe).


Meanwhile, a new set of video from this weekend emerged, revealing further progress at the site, which really looks massive:

Tesla Gigafactory 4 (aka Tesla Giga Berlin) at brief:

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