Just yesterday, Tesla officially published a 'Warranty Adjustment Program' in the Support section of its company website. The warranty is specific to the "8GB embedded MultiMediaCard (8GB eMMC)" in a select group of older Model S and Model X vehicles. Tesla is aware of issues with component malfunction after many touchscreen issues and an investigation by the NHTSA.


As stated in the information provided by Tesla, this applies to Model S and X vehicles produced prior to March 2018. These cars have Tesla's Gen-1 infotainment system. The "MCU1" system was replaced after March 2018.

Owners of these older Teslas with the first-generation system have been reporting touchscreen issues and failures for years. Not all touchscreens have failed, but many are losing responsiveness, freezing, and taking longer to power up. Others have become completely unusable. Tesla has now acknowledged the issue and upgraded the warranty. Tesla writes:

“For customer peace of mind, we are providing additional coverage on some Model S and Model X vehicles built before March 2018 that are equipped with an 8GB embedded MultiMediaCard (“8GB eMMC”) in the media control unit. We are aware that this component may malfunction due to accumulated wear. If this occurs, it could result in a blank or intermittently blank center display, or an alert indicating that a memory storage device has degraded and to contact Service."

It's important to note that Tesla will only honor this warranty for the specific cars mentioned. In addition, it will only cover the 8GB eMMC. Other parts related to the system are not covered under the warranty extension. Moreover, "diagnosis or repair for conditions other than the part and condition described above is not covered."

Let us know if you own one of the cars and have experienced issues with your touchscreen. Have you had anything repaired or replaced? Leave us a comment below.

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