Tesla says its Full Self-Driving (FSD) software is in an early beta stage, which is apparent if you watch people trying to use it. Once it moves into actual beta, and all necessary local approvals are given, availability of the service will be expanded to Canada and Norway.

This was confirmed by Elon Musk, who replied to a tweet posted by a Norwegian Tesla owner asking for FSD to be made available in his country. The latter pointed out that Norway leads the way in making legislation for self-driving vehicles, as well as the fact that Norwegians are really into their Teslas, so it would be a natural fit as the first European country to get FSD.

We’ve seen quite a few videos of FSD in action, and while it clearly isn’t perfect, there’s no denying it is impressive to watch. What it does is it essentially gives the car the ability to navigate intersections and make turns, as well as change lanes on its own as needed, thus complimenting the autonomous driving features it had already gained via Navigate On Autopilot.

With FSD enabled, you can basically set any destination on the map and have the car drive you there completely on its own. Tesla is very keen to point out that during the beta stage of testing, drivers should never take their eyes off the road and that they should be ready to take over the controls.

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