Electrify America is expanding its business from an ordinary public fast-charging network to other areas, like business customers in the U.S.

The new Electrify Commercial business unit is envisioned to provide end-to-end charging solutions to business-to-business (B2B) customers, including utility companies, fleet operators, automotive manufacturers, real estate developers, property owners, retailers and government entities.

The fast charging facility in Maricopa, Arizona, at Volkswagen's global test center might be considered as one of the examples of the new service.

Electrify America charging infrastructure
Electrify America charging infrastructure

As the EV market expands, there will be surely a huge demand for private charging stations, as well as to place a public charging station at a particular site.

Electrify Commercial listed several points of its offer:

  • A customized EV charging program tailored to fit the needs of the client
  • Site acquisition, including identification, research, and analysis of potential locations
  • Site development that maximizes the use of space
  • The latest technology to handle applications from Level 2 AC to 350kW DC charging
  • Proactive monitoring with in-depth asset management
  • Premium driver experience offering the latest technology to support the EV market 
  • Robust testing of EV charging through Electrify America’s Center of Excellence technology lab
  • Intelligent energy management recommendations in order to provide cost-saving options

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