According to the latest media reports from China, the first Made-in-China Model 3 shipment from the Giga Shanghai to Europe is around 7,000 cars.

We saw probably more than 1,000 MIC Model 3 in the port several days ago, but 7,000 is way more than we expected. It would be also more than a week of production at three-shifts.

Update: According to input from Morten Grove - Tesla-Ships Tracker, the Toscana ship used for transport can load around 6,000 R/T (“R/T” units: 4.12m x 1.55m), which in the case of Model 3 (bigger and heavier than a single R/T unit) would translate to no more than 5,000-5,500 cars at once. To ship 7,000 Model 3, another carrier would be needed.

The company has even held a ceremony to commemorate the milestone with a cool TESLA sign, made up of cars.


The journey to Belgium will start tomorrow and will take a few weeks we guess. The first deliveries are expected at some point in November.

At least at first, only the entry-level Standard Range Plus versions, equipped with CATL's LFP lithium-ion cells, will be exported to Europe

In many ways, it's a crucial step for Tesla (shifting part of the production from the U.S. to China, new batteries) and we will look carefully at how it will pay off.


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