Romania is not on the mainstream tourist maps. It is sometimes mentioned and praised as a vacation destination, but it is definitely one of Europe’s least visited countries and Porsche decided to help change that.

The German sports car maker took one of its new Taycans on a road trip of this European nation to highlight some of the things you can expect to find when traveling there. Arguably the best known spots in the nation for driving enthusiasts is the Transfăgărășan road, made famous when Top Gear declared it “ the best driving road in the world.”

It is not the only really good road to drive in the country, though and as a local myself, I’d argue that it’s not even the best one we have (although it is probably the most scenic). The Transfăgărășan doesn’t have the smoothest tarmac on some parts, so it’s best not to drive it in a sporty car with adaptive suspension in its stiffest setting - maybe it will be resurfaced one day, but as is tradition in Romania, nobody is in a rush to fix it (the road is literally packed with cars during the weekend).

This Romanian drive was part of Porsche’s ‘ Discover the unknown ‘ series of road trips that will take the Taycan ‘ through the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, from Estonia to Israel, Malta to Kazakhstan. Follow the journey of the Taycan through this region and discover unknown destinations, faces, cultures, roads and tastes.

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