Kyle Conner takes the 2020 Nissan LEAF SL Plus to an Electrify America DC Fast Charging station to perform a charge from zero to 95% using the LEAF's CHAdeMO port. How long does it take?

At InsideEVs, we're using our new YouTube channel to bring you exclusive content. Our growing list of 70 MPH range tests have proven quite popular. In addition, there's nothing quite like taking every EV we can get our hands on out onto a real track for some agility exercises and a single lap time. Not to mention our recent time in the Tesla Model Y off the pavement.

As we continue to get new electric vehicles to test, we decided we need more exclusive and educational content for current and future EV owners. What's just as, if not more, important as an EV's range? Charging, of course.

Electric car range varies widely, and that's probably not a surprise to anyone, even EV newbies. However, some people don't know a whole lot about charging. The truth is, electric vehicles charge at different speeds. More specifically, they have different charging curves, and there are many factors involved.

It's safe to say this can all get a bit complicated. We're talking about how quickly a car's charging begins to ramp up, what charging rate it can accept, at what point does it begin to ramp down, etc. In the end, the only really important detail is, how long will it take me to charge my car?

It made perfect sense to run our charging test on the Nissan LEAF due to the fact that it has no battery thermal management, in addition to its reputation with charging, which led to the whole 'Rapidgate' situation. Check out the video to see the results and to hear what Kyle has to say about the LEAF and Rapidgate. Then, leave us your own wisdom in the comment section below.

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