MG (part of SAIC) is enjoying tremendous growth in the UK as sales hit a new all-time record of 3,668 (registrations) in September 2020 (up 169% year-over-year).

How about EVs? Well, the all-electric MG ZS EV also is at its record pace - 1,176 new registrations or about 32% of the total volume! Not strange as the entire market is booming.

Daniel Gregorious, Head of Sales & Marketing at MG Motor UK said:

“...we sold 1,176 MG ZS EVs, meaning that almost one in three of the cars we sold were zero-emissions electric cars. No other mainstream manufacturer has performed so well.”.


Now we understand why the plan for 2021 is to achieve plug-in car sales share of more than 50%. It will surely be possible with two new models: MG5 EV and MG HS Plug-in.

It seems that MG does pretty well despite the COVID-19 hit earlier this year, as after nine months, sales are up 52.1% year-over-year. The industry average in the UK is 33.1% below 2019.

Betting on plug-ins this and next year is probably the most important factor to keep the momentum high. It's also a very important thing for the consumers, as MG cars usually fulfill an important gap of more affordable models in particular segments.

According to MG, the dealer network has embraced the "MG electric revolution" and they are "brilliantly placed to lead the industry’s shift to plug-in cars". Great to hear that (if that is really the case), because over the years, we often heard the opposite about various other brands.

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