Bargersville Police Department in Indiana introduced its Tesla Model 3 police car in August 2019 (as the first Model 3 police unit in the U.S.) and according to the input from Police Chief Todd Bertram, EV savings are quite substantial.

The rolling savings over a period of 12 months of using the Model 3 is $6,755 compared to a standard Dodge Charger.

As we can see in the attached table, the Model 3 not only has zero maintenance expenses so far but also the electricity costs are far lower than the gas/oil for an internal combustion engine in a Dodge.


If the outcome will be similar over the next few years, it should be obvious that the police and fleets, in general, should seriously think about electrification.

A year ago, we noted that the Bargersville Police's Model 3 price was $41,945 versus $33,612 for the Dodge Charger. The difference of $8,333 can be quickly recovered.


It's also not all about the money, but also performance acceleration, comfort and silence when needed during the patrol.

Because the range of EVs is high enough to handle the job in most cases, we guess, soon we should see more electric police cars, probably including Tesla Cybertrucks.

More insights from Police Chief Todd Bertram:

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