Genesis is keen to keep up with the established luxury players in all areas, including electrification. To that end, it will launch its own battery-powered sedan sometime next year, but until then we can check it out in camouflaged prototype form and try to draw as much information as possible from it.

Gallery: 2021 Genesis eG80 EV

As you might imagine, from its name, this isn’t going to be a bespoke electric offering built on a special EV platform (which is what Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW are doing with their upcoming EVs). Instead, it is a battery powered version of the current G80 sedan, called the eG80, so it’s probably not going to be able to match the Germans for outright specs.

However, it will reportedly have a range of up to 310 miles (500 km), decent performance and Level 3 autonomous driving features (which are being developed in collaboration with Korean tech giant, Samsung). Little else is known about the project at this point, although we’re sure Genesis will announce the vehicle officially soon and possibly share more details on its technical specifications.

Until then, you can check a camouflaged prototype quietly testing around the Nurburgring Nordschleife in Germany, in this video courtesy of Automotive Mike. If the almost completely silent running didn’t give the fact that this is an EV away, then you should also point your attention to the lack of exhausts, as well as the fully covered (albeit still quite large) front grille. Expect to see the model unveiled and launched sometime in 2021 alongside eGV70 electric SUV.

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