Tesla built its Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai, China in record time. It seems the same may prove true for its Gigafactory near Berlin, Germany, which will begin producing Model Y crossovers in 2021. It makes perfect sense that the company's latest expansion project, Giga-Austin, may be up and running ahead of schedule as well.

A recent presentation suggests that the automaker is expediting construction plans in Texas. In fact, it says Tesla is planning a "first completion" for May 2021, at which point it would begin trial production for the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck. With Rivian's vehicle coming in the summer of 2021, in addition to GM's new partnership with Nikola, and the possibility of Ford accelerating its electric F-150 plans, Tesla is poised to move rapidly.

Tesla's Travis County Colorado River Project Partner Pre‐Qualification Presentation (embedded below) was recently posted on the City of Austin's website. It was first shared on Tesla Motors Club by hridge. The presentation includes plenty of information, but arguably most important is a timeline for the factory's progress. According to the presentation, the first "dry-in" is set for December 30, 2020, followed by the first "substantial completion" on May 1, 2021. 

At the dry-in stage, a building's exterior is completed to the point that it can keep the weather out, which allows interior work to be accelerated. The substantial completion stage is the time that the structure can begin to be used for production, while final touches are addressed simultaneously. Tesla will have to plan to have production equipment for the Cybertruck in place by May too if it intends to begin trial production upon first substantial completion.


Tesla says it will start Cybertruck deliveries in late 2021. Remember, it had a similar goal for the Model Y for 2020, though the electric crossover arrived in March, many months ahead of the end of the year. With a goal of late 2021 for the Cybertruck, it seems Tesla is certain to hit the target even if there are delays. However, if the Texas Gigafactory can start building Cybertrucks by May, it will be another early arrival for Tesla.

What's your timeline? Do you think the Austin factory will be completed ahead of schedule? Will the Cybertruck come to market ahead of all other electric pickup truck rivals? Start a conversation in the comment section below.

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