REE Automotive and Mahindra & Mahindra signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to explore a strategic collaboration on all-electric commercial vehicles for global markets.

The idea is to jointly develop and manufacture EVs, utilizing REE's corner module (in-wheel motors) and modular platform (including powertrain, suspension and steering components in the arch of a vehicle wheel), as well as Mahindra's design, engineering, sourcing and manufacturing capabilities.

REE Automotive modular EV platform
REE Automotive modular EV platform

On the table is a multi-year deal, which might result in the production and sales of 200,000-250,000 EVs (more if there would be demand) for the Indian and global markets.

"The partnership will support REE’s global customer need for 200,000-250,000 electric commercial vehicle units over a few years, including potential Mahindra’s domestic and international volumes. Production would be scaled further to support additional volume in the global as well as Indian market."

According to REE, the platform is ready for use in a variety of EVs, not only commercial vehicles, but also mid-duty delivery trucks, last mile delivery, passenger cars, taxis and shuttles.

Potentially, the partnership with Mahindra might be the biggest so far for REE, which finally would have a chance to put its platform on the road.

It would be also one of the biggest commercial project for the in-wheel motors, which up to date were not used in volume in bigger vehicles, even in passenger cars. Major application were bicycles or scooters.

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