Well, that was certainly fast.

While some of the jobs are related to the construction of the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck Gigafactory, others are actually for inside operations once the factory is built. According to a report by Teslarati, Tesla has already posted 39 jobs in Austin, Texas. 

Tesla has already started work on the massive 2,100-acre site for Gigafactory Austin, where it will build its upcoming Cybertruck, as well as the Model Y and Model 3 for eastern North America. The company plans to complete the project by the end of 2021. If its efforts on the Shanghai Gigafactory are any indication of how things may go, the end of 2021 could be a worst-case estimate. However, it's hard to know what the future holds since we're still in the midst of a pandemic.

At any rate, Tesla isn't wasting any time here. It has posted seven new jobs related to the site just in the month of August. Job titles include Human Resources Partners, Engineering, Technicians, Environmental Specialist, and Construction Safety Manager.

Tesla is posting the positions on its own website, in the Careers section. In fact, Tesla has posted some positions before the location was even revealed. However, the earliest job positions were related to Tesla Energy and were seeking electricians and solar panel installers.

When Tesla made its proposal to the people of Austin, it talked of providing some 5,000 jobs in Texas. More specifically, the positions were referred to as "middle-skill jobs." Many of these jobs will come later, as they'll be more directly related to automotive manufacturing. Tesla also said that opening a factory in Texas will bring 4,000 additional jobs to the area that are not directly related to the company.

Lead Image Credit: Jeff Roberts

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