This is perhaps the hardest we've seen a Tesla hit from behind so far.

This TeslaCam video captures a very violent crash. It seems the Tesla slows for traffic in front, but the Chrysler driver made no attempt to reduce speed. Instead, the Chrysler slams into the back of the Tesla very violently and it in the process basically destroys the whole front end of the car.

We've now seen many Teslas get smashed into from behind, but this particular incident might be the worse we've seen so far. Unfortunately, we don't get a look at the damage to the Tesla, but given that its camera is still recording after the wreck, we have to assume it's fairly minor as compared to the damage to the Chrysler.

From watching the video, it appears as though the Tesla is slowing down for some traffic ahead. The inattentive driver in the Chrysler doesn't see that traffic is slowing. Perhaps the driver is distracted by something else. The Chrysler driver continues on at speed and slams right into the back of the Tesla. the damage to the Chrysler is very severe, indicated that the impact speed was high.

The video concludes with the driver of the Tesla pulling to the shoulder of the expressway, so we can assume that he/she is okay. Or at least well enough to still navigate the car safely to the side of the road. We aren't sure of the condition of the driver or occupants in the Chrysler.

These TeslaCam videos remind us that we need to always pay attention while on the roadway. Even a split second of distraction can lead to a disastrous outcome, so please always be alert when on the road.

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