TeslaCam captures the moment when a stopped Tesla Model 3 is smashed into by another car from behind. The other car violently hits the Tesla at speed.

According to the owner of the Model 3, the wreck occurred in Orlando, Florida. The Model 3 owner adds that there will be a new video coming soon to show the damage to the Model 3. Judging by the sever force of the impact, we'd assume the Model 3 is badly damaged, but we'll have to wait for the new video to find out for sure.

Per the owner of the Model 3:

My Tesla Model 3 was recently rear-ended. The Tesla cam footage made life much easier. Will make future videos on damages and repair cost.

It appears as though the car that slams into the back of the Model 3 is a Chevrolet SUV, though it's not easy to make out what model or much else in regards to the car. We have no idea why the driver of the Chevy SUV didn't stop or even slow down before impacting the Tesla. The force of the crash is very severe and the video shows what looks to be some extensive damage to both cars. The Model 3 driver didn't report an injury, but we're unsure of the status of the driver of the Chevy.

Had the Chevy had forward collision warning and automatic high-speed emergency braking, this may have never happened — or, at the very least, the collision could have been much less forceful.

At any rate, it's important to always remain aware when driving. Additionally, we need to collectively promote the latest in advanced safety tech to prevent or lessen the cahnce of wrecks such as this.



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