Some drivers are just so crazy that they'll stop at nothing.

This TeslaCam video shows a Mercedes SUV that nearly slams into a Tesla in a fit of road rage. The Mercedes then brake checks the Tesla too.

Before we dive into what the video shows though, let us first point out that this is one of the first videos showing the in-car TeslaCam viewer. With recent updates, TeslaCam and Tesla Sentry Mode videos can now be viewed from within the car on the big touchscreen.

Back to the road-raging Mercedes-Benz SUV driver. As you'll see in the video, dated May 14, 2020, the Mercedes purposely drifts into the lane occupied by the Tesla. The driver of the Tesla is forced onto the shoulder of the roadway since the Mercedes is so close to it. The Tesla driver says that Autopilot did intervene to slow his car down to avoid the SUV.

After forcing the Tesla off the road, the Mercedes driver pulls in front of the Tesla and proceeds to apply the brakes. This is called brake checking. 

The video replays from multiple angles and to us it seems like the Mercedes driver is simply mad about the Tesla occupying the left lane and perhaps not passing other traffic quickly enough. However, the Tesla driver says "he had his blinker on indicating he was going to get over (when clear) to let the Mercedes pass, and that earlier, not caught on camera, the same vehicle had been harassing him."

The video description provides us with a bit of additional information:

Demo of new Tesla Dashcam viewer, showing a Mercedes SUV driver attempting to run a Tesla off the road. The dashcam footage looks less dramatic than real life. Slam on brakes to avoid collision while SUV cut in front. Felt Autopilot help with the brakes.

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