We get to see the electric version of the Vanderhall three-wheeler in action, but the video doesn’t follow Jay’s usual format.

When it comes to standing out through your choice of wheels these days, you usually have to decide which of your kidneys you’d like to keep, sell the other and then maybe have enough for something eye catching. To make matters even more difficult, if you want to add being green and getting a vehicle with no tailpipe emissions to the equation, it becomes an almost impossible task.

Or not necessarily, because for just $34,950, you can get behind the wheel of the very cool Vanderhall three-wheeler, now available as the Edison 2 fully-electric version. Its specs aren’t hugely impressive, with just 140 horsepower, 233 pound-feet (314 Nm) of torque and relatively small 28.8 kWh battery pack.

But its range is actually rated at around 200 miles (320 km), and the power and torque figures are ample enough to make it very zippy - sixty comes up just 4.4 seconds after flooring it from naught, so it’s about as fast as modern sports cars.

What matters most about it, though, is just how cool it looks, both inside and out - it’s a kind of modern take on the classic Morgan three-wheeler, although you couldn’t really call it retro. Its look, in combination with its swift, emissions free driving experience made Jay Leno like it a lot, even if he couldn’t do the usual walkaround part of his videos where he talks to people who participated in the vehicle’s creation - in this video, he shows an old 19th century electric motor instead.

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