China-based Xinhua News Agency interviewed Tao Lin, Vice President of Tesla China Foreign Affairs. The interview was posted on Xinhuanet in Chinese. We translated it via Google.

Lin told reporters that the factory in China is recovering well after the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, the situation went so smoothly that Tesla is using it as a model for reopening its U.S. factory in Fremont, CA. He shared (translated):

"The anti-epidemic experience from China is being exported to the United States, and it has become a model for the newly resumed US factory."

More specifically, the second phase of the Shanghai Gigafactory 3 construction is moving forward as planned. According to Lin, progress suggests the Tesla Model Y will be in mass-production in China by Q1 2021.

As far as the current situation stands, Tesla is only producing the Model 3 at the Shanghai facility. With the first phase of factory construction complete and operational, manufacturing capacity at the plant is estimated at about 150,000 units per year. However, Lin says, in the next few weeks – by June – Model 3 production will hit a target of 4,000 units per week.

Lin also commented on Tesla's strong internet presence. This helps immensely during these shutdowns and stay-at-home orders caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Tesla has worked to further accelerate its online sales and makes test drives possible in a safe manner. Lin concluded:

"Next, Tesla's experience center will move towards more new cities based on the expansion of customer bases in different cities."

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