BMW is investing heavily into electric vehicles, with big plans for the next few years, and the model expected to sit at the tip of its EV range is the iNext. It was previewed by the Vision iNext concept, which was shown back at the 2018 Los Angeles Motor Show, but it will be toned down quite noticeably for production.

This set of renderings we received from Magnus S. Mattulat looks pretty much spot on. It shows a very believable take on what we expect the final production iNext to look like and, at least based on the renderings alone, it will be a fairly nice vehicle to behold. And we’re happy to say this, since BMW’s recent design efforts have been a bit hit and miss.

The iNext shows some promise. Unlike previous BMW i models (the i3 and i8), the iNext will be a lot more mainstream looking and subtle, but it will have some unique design traits. Based on what we’ve been able to see in spy photos, the vehicle will have very big side windows and a very slim B-pillar which should make the interior feel nice, airy and pleasant to travel in on long journeys.

We’ll have to wait and see if BMW makes the iNext available as an all-wheel drive vehicle, though. So far, all its new EVs (the iX3 and i4) have only been announced with rear-wheel drive and the iNext could follow suit, although since it will be the flagship electric offering from the Bavarian automaker, they may make a stretch and offer an AWD variant too.

Gallery: BMW iNext Rendering

Regarding its range, BMW says it should be in excess of 350 miles (563 km), which will put it on par with the Tesla Model X. Another area where these two electric high riders will be similar is pricing. While BMW has not announced (or even hinted at) pricing for the iNext (which may end up being called i6), we expect it to cost around $100,000.

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