Many of today's cars offer pedestrian detection. Some vehicles even come standard with the feature. This paired with advanced automatic emergency braking will work to save lives. Tesla has been constantly updating its active safety features, Autopilot technology, and Full Self-Driving system to "see," "recognize," and respond to various objects, as well as pedestrians.

Just recently, we saw the first Tesla Model 3 responding to traffic lights and stop signs. Now, software update 2020.12.5.6 – Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control (Beta) – has been released to members of Tesla's early access program. In addition, the above video highlights three examples of Tesla vehicles stopping for pedestrians. Aside from the three brief clips near the beginning of the video, there's a whole lot more information in the presentation.

Tesla's Automatic Emergency Braking feature is standard on all cars. As you can see in the video examples, it has the ability to detect pedestrians even at the last minute and stop in time to save them. Moreover, the pedestrians in the video are certainly not in plain view, but rather, they approach suddenly from the side of the cars.

Tesla's chief of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision Andrej Karpathy released the video of a recent presentation on the subject at the Scaled Machine Learning Conference. He notes that the cars in the videos may or may not have had Autopilot engaged when the feature kicked in.

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Andrej Karpathy - AI for Full-Self Driving

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Presented at the Matroid Scaled Machine Learning Conference 2020
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