Want a Taycan but can't afford one? This may be your chance - but there is a catch.

So you love the Porsche Taycan but you're kinda short on the cash needed to buy one. Well, here's your chance at one The Porsche Club Of America is raffling off a 2020 Porsche Taycan 4S, and if that wasn't good enough, not only does the winner get the car, but they also get $25,000. 

However, there is one catch. The raffle is only open to current Porsche Club of America members. So the next question will obviously be: How much does it cost to become a member? We checked, and the one-year membership costs $46. 

Therefore, if you're not currently a PCA member, it'll cost you the $46 to join, and then $50 for each ticket you purchase. The club has a car raffle in the spring and the fall of every year, and the Taycan 4S is the grand prize for the spring 2020 raffle.

Porsche Taycan  raffle

The raffle is limited to 8,500 entries, but the club will continue to sell raffle tickets past 8,500. They will then give away another Taycan 4S and $25,000 for every additional 4,500 tickets sold.

If less than 4,250 tickets are sold in the first 8,500-entry drawing, or in the subsequent 4,500-ticket drawings, the club has the right to award 50% of the gross sales from that drawing in lieu of the grand prize. 

Winners can alternatively choose an all-cash option of $85,000 instead of the Taycan 4S and $25,000, but we here at InsideEVs strongly recommend against that decision. (very strongly) The raffle closes June 5, 2020, and the drawing is on July 31, 2020.

Interested? Head over to the Porsche Club of America's website and check it out. 

Hat tip to Ray Hull for pointing this out to us.

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