And the beat goes on. According to the website Tesmanian, Tesla Shanghai delivered 9,367 Model 3's in Q1 2020. While that might not sound too impressive compared to Model 3 sales in the US market, consider that in every month of Q1, the Model 3 was the top-selling electric vehicle in China.

In January Tesla delivered 3,183 Model 3s in China. That dropped to 2,284 in February as China was fully embroiled in the Coronavirus shutdown and lockdown at the time. The situation there had reportedly gotten better and in March, as businesses began to open again, Tesla deliveries shot up to 3,900, more than double that of the next best-selling EV in China. 

HyperChange Model 3

Loaded with that information, the YouTube channel HyperChange takes a look at Tesla's current position in China and makes some bold predictions about where Tesla's Model 3 sales in China might look like in Q2. 

While we don't doubt those numbers are attainable, they are quite aggressive, given the state of the economy and the economic uncertainty for the foreseeable future. Every auto manufacturer is going to sell fewer cars than they would have if it weren't for the global pandemic crisis that we're all in. It just seems that, so far at least, Tesla may be suffering less than some of the other OEMs. 

So check out Hyperchange's video and let us know what you think. Is he being too aggressive with his estimates, or do you think Tesla can deliver on them?

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