This Tesla Model 3 Performance owner reached out to us here at InsideEVs to let us know that he credits the car's amazing handling and agility with being able to avoid a reckless move made by this BMW.

It was all caught on TeslaCam and uploaded to YouTube by Juan Sorrel, owner of the Model 3 in the videos. We've included both videos, though the one below gives you a batter idea of just how close the two cars were to crashing. However, without first watching the video above, it's hard to make out what's really going on here.

This video was shared with us following our post on that Tesla Model S that moved swiftly to avoid being hit. That incident may have partially been the fault of the Tesla driver too. However, this one here can not be blamed upon the driver of the Model 3. He's clearly not at fault. 

The driver of the BMW should take full blame here. He/she turned around and headed directly into oncoming traffic. Had the Model 3 not reacted quickly, a rather serious collision would've been the result.

Juan Sorrel, owner of the Model 3 in this video, tells InsideEVs that Autopilot was not turned on during this incident. He adds that the Model 3 "handles like a dream" and notes that the car didn't even squeal the tires during this evasive maneuver.


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