This render reimagines the Tesla Model Y as a more rugged, off-road capable crossover that gets some inspiration from the Tesla Cybertruck.

The Tesla Model Y isn't really designed to be a hardcore off-road vehicle, even though it does come equipped with an Off-Road Assist mode. When we off-roaded the Model Y, we found it more than capable enough, as long as the terrain isn't too intense.

However, what if you wanted a Model Y that was more at home off the road? Obviously, some more ground clearance would be required, but beyond that, what other modifications would be desired? When we rendered a rugged Model Y, we equipped it with some beefy off-road gear. However, this render from The Sketch Monkey takes a different approach. It raises the vehicle up quite a bit, adds a light bar inspired by the Cybertruck and alters the front end, but beyond that, all else mostly remains unchanged.

And just for comparative purposes, here's our render of the off-road-ready Tesla Model Y:


Our renderist explains:

I went for a more toned-down approach, raising the ride height, giving it beefy off-road tires that stick out and are covered by plastic wheel arch extensions.

But it needed more, so I also fitted it with a bull bar up front, sill guards on the sides and a roof rack up top. Also gave it a lick of army-like green paint for good measure, and now I’d definitely be more tempted to take this off-road, much more so than a standard Model Y.

Which render fo you prefer? That of The Sketch Monkey or our own? Be honest with us so that we can tailor future renderings to suit the preferences of the majority.

Video description via The Sketch Monkey on YouTube:

THIS is what the 2020 Tesla Model Y needs!

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