Can the Tesla Model Y beat the Model 3 in a quarter-mile drag race? Can the Y beat the Model X? This video pits the Y against the 3 and X in several drag races and the results are probably what you'd expect. The Model Y is certainly no slouch, but the other Teslas are a bit mightier when it comes to ripping down the quarter-mile.

This may well be the world's first fully documented race between the Tesla Model Y Performance and the Tesla Model 3 Performance and it's surely the first of its kind for the Model X matchup against the Y.

We say documented because there are timeslips for the various races and we've gather those below, but first let's discuss the racing action a bit. Our friends Kyle from Out of Spec Motoring (also the host of our InsideEVs YouTube channel) and Brian of i!Tesla have been having all sorts of fun with this trio of Teslas over the last few days and this drag race is like the pinnacle of the on-track fun.

The video features multiple races (starting at around 2:05) and you'll see that the Model Y can almost hold its own against the Model 3. The Model X is the overall champ here, but it also costs far more than the two other Tesla. 

Check out the video above and timeslip below:


Video description via i!Tesla on YouTube:

Ran the XY3 1/4 mile times at the track


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