EVgo, one of the U.S. biggest fast-charging networks, announced a special time-limited discount on fast charging during coronavirus outbreak.

The offer is targeted to those who are using EVs for work in priority industries that are required to keep civilization up, including health care, supplies and logistics.

"If you still need to drive your EV for work in health care, grocery, food services, rideshare, delivery or are otherwise experiencing hardship due to #COVID19, call us to work with you on a special time-limited discount. Contact EVgo: (877) 494-3833 or support@evgo.com. #EVgo"

According to some reports, the discount is 30%, which is a great thing to have, especially since during the outbreak prices of most things usually go up and the economy is hit severely.

Big applause for EVgo and hopefully we will see more support also from other companies, at least as much as they can afford in these difficult times.


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