The year 2020 started with a decline of global passenger plug-in electric car sales, although we remain cautiously optimistic (as the surge in Europe almost offset the drop in China).

January was the seventh consecutive month of decrease - by 7% year-over-year to about 150,600, at a market share of 2%.

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The interesting thing is that all-electric cars noted a 23% decline, while plug-in hybrids went up by 37%.

Global Plug-In Electric Car Sales – January 2020


Models rank

Tesla Model 3 (10,013) was reportedly the top-selling model globally in January, but the biggest surprise was a similar result posted by Renault ZOE (9,873). Those two leaders far exceed other plug-ins.

The best of the rest was surprisingly the struggling Nissan LEAF (4,967).

Detailed stats of the top 20 models, provided by the EV Sales Blog, reveal a few new faces and zero Chinese models in the top 10. It's a really disturbing time.



Manufacturers rank

Manufacturers rank shows a huge comeback for European brands (4 in top 5) and retreat of Chinese (first is at #6). It's too early to judge the perspective for 2020, but growth in Europe combined with the weakened Chinese market turned everything upside down.

We expect deep changes to the top 20 list throughout the year, but it's clear that big western OEMs are now in the game for real - they have to be, as otherwise European emission requirements would put them out of business.

Top 5 YTD:

  • BMW: 12,976
  • Tesla: 12,779
  • Renault: 10,053
  • Volkswagen: 9,710
  • Peugeot: 7,887

Our thanks to EV Sales Blog for tallying up and estimating the individual sales by OEM

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