This here video features a race between the Tesla Model 3 and an insanely powerful electric scooter. Which one wins?

Typically, you'd figure the car, especially a fast one like the Model 3, would blow away a lowly scooter, but this isn't your average scooter. First off, it's electric. Secondly, it's blazingly quick. So much so that we'd consider it highly dangerous to ride on if you're not experienced with going say 60-plus miles per hour on a scooter.

The scooter featured in the video is a Techlife X9. It's considered the king of electric scooters. We've included a video review of it at the bottom of this post so that you can see exactly what makes this a beast of an electric machine, but here are the notable numbers on it:

Techlife X9 has an unlockable max speed of 100 km/hr (best left for the speed demons). Equipped with superb motor power (3200W) to match, it’s perfect for off-road treks and even slopes (35°).

• Accelerates to a max speed of up to 100 km/h. Techlife x9 has 2 brushless electric motors with a power of 1600W each.
• Reliable battery : LG 32Ah/72V Lithium-Ion
• Made for off-road: 11-inch wheels with off-road thread and double shock absorption + hydraulic disc brakes

Back to the race video. You'll see in the video that somehow the electric scooter manages to keep pace with the Tesla Model 3. In the end, the scooter can't quite beat the Model 3, but the result is way closer than we would've expected. 

Grab a look at the video above to see the racing action. Note that the scooter rider has lots of safety gear on, as you should if you're gonna ride that beast at such a speed.

Video description via Daniel Grzyb on YouTube:


Video description:

How fast and how powerful can a Kickscooter be? This is not Your typical Xiaomi m365 or Dualtron Thunder or even Kaaba Wolf Warrior 11+. It is the best Kickscooter on the market. Don't believe me? Let's find out!

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