According to the EPA's estimate, the Tesla Model 3 Long Range has a range of 310 miles (2020 Model 3 is actually now rated at 330 miles). However, as we previously shared, CEO Elon Musk referenced range during the company's Q4 2019 earnings call and shared that some Tesla vehicles may have more range than current EPA estimates, though Tesla hasn't been keeping up with apprising the EPA of new developments.

Since then, the EPA's Model S Long Range estimate jumped from 373 miles to 390. The Model X Long Range sees a range increase from 328 miles to 351.


Just the other day, we shared a story about the Tesla Model 3 having a higher range than the EPA states. We also published another story related to a recent article by Consumer Reports (CR) entitled 'Tesla Ups Ante on Model Y Range, Underscoring Its EV Lead.' CR says 
"Tesla is facing increasing competition, but its batteries and superior energy efficiency give it an edge."

While the short article initially appears to be mostly about the upcoming Tesla Model Y, it dives into the range of the rest of Tesla's lineup as well. In terms of the Model 3, CR writes:

"At CR, we’ve found that our range testing has matched the EPA’s testing within single-digit percentage points. Our tested Tesla Model 3 matched the 310 mile range the EPA had pegged it at, and in Long Range mode we achieved 350 miles."

There is some weirdness in CR's testing, however. It says its testing closely matched the EPA's 310-mile estimate, but then it goes on to point out a "Long Range mode," which doesn't exist in Tesla vehicles as far as we understand. There is a Tesla Model 3 Long Range variant, so we must assume that is what CR means. Or, is CR talking about "Chill Mode." We've reached out to Tesla and CR for more information. With that said, Musk tweeted:


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