According to the British media, production of the Jaguar I-PACE  illbe stopped "for a week from Monday next week" due to battery shortages.

The car is actually manufactured in Graz, Austria by a contracted automotive supplier Magna, while the lithium-ion cells come from LG Chem (from its European plant in Poland).

We are a little surprised that Jaguar would not be able to continue production because of battery supplies, as the estimated 18,000 I-PACE sales in 2019 (1,500 per month) is not that much.

Considering 90 kWh per car, the required battery stream would be 135 MWh per month or 1.62 GWh per year.

If the report is true, we guess that the LG Chem plant might not be ready for high-scale production yet, as the supply of batteries was rumored to be a major problem also in the case of the Audi e-tron and Mercedes-Benz EQC.

The positive side is that the stop is temporary and once the problem is solved (hopefully it will be with all the new gigafactories coming in Europe), Jaguar will be able to sell more I-PACE.


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