Maruti Suzuki isn’t an automaker you normally associate with cutting edge car tech, but it recently announced it wants to sell 1-million green cars (CNG, hybrid and fully-electric) over the next few years. As part of the announcement, it also revealed the Concept Futuro-e, a design study that previews the brand’s future aesthetic.

It’s a coupe-like crossover that, as its name suggests, is going for a futuristic look and is electric. It looks quite sporty, for a high-riding vehicle, thanks to the low roof line that dips aggressively towards the back. The front fascia is dominated by the bold light bar that runs across its entire width, as well as the two slats underneath that make the vehicle look like it has an evil smile.

The rear also has its own light bar and here it’s accentuated by elements that run down the sides of the fenders. It also has what has to be one of the biggest third brake lights of any vehicle, especially when you consider it’s not really that big (it looks about the same size as a Nissan Juke, but a bit wider).

Its interior is even more daring, with a big curved screen dominating most of the dashboard, a bold overall design and seating for just four people. So if the exterior might look fairly close to what a production model could look like, the interior clearly marks it out as a concept.

Maruti Suzuki didn’t specify what exactly powers this study. All they said was that it is an all-electric vehicle and, as previously stated, it was created solely to announce this automaker’s future electric and electrified powertrain intentions.

Gallery: Maruti Suzuki Futuro-e

Since it was revealed at the New Delhi Auto Expo 2020, it’s quite clearly aimed at an Indian audience. India is a huge country with massive potential for electric vehicles, but since purchasing power is relatively weak, EV uptake is still fairly low. Once EVs start coming down in price, though, and the charging infrastructure improves, it could follow in China’s footsteps and become a future global pole for automotive electrification.

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