Tesla Sentry Mode captures a man peeing on a Tesla Model 3. Why'd he do it? Who knows, but let's see if we can identify and catch him.

The video was captured by another Tesla Model 3 parked across the road. Imagine that. A Tesla keeping an eye out for another Tesla. It's quite amazing actually that the other Tesla owner (of the car that wasn't urinated on) actually posted this video to help find the man who left his mark on another car. The video shows a man peeing on the Tesla. The man actually circles almost the entire car, making sure he urinates all over it.

Luckily, there's a video of the entire event and we even get some good looks at the offender so perhaps we can assist in identifying him via the gallery of images below:

Gallery: Tesla Model 3 Pee Guy

The video was captured on February 1 of this year on Wilton Way, Hackney E8 in London. We've captured imagery of that area and present it below for additional assistance in perhaps locating the individual who decided it was okay to urinate on the Model 3.

Let's get this guy.


Video description via Tom Last on YouTube:

Let's catch this idiot.

Model 3 Sentry Mode video catches another Model 3 across the road being pee'd on.

Recorded at 03:40:00 am on 1st February 2020 at Wilton Way. Hackney E8, London. UK

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