Royal Mail adds 87 all-electric vans to Mount Pleasant, one of its largest mail centers in London.

Royal Mail is one of the latest companies to start the year 2020 with a significant purchase of all-electric vans in the UK.

Some 87 new Mercedes-Benz eVito and Peugeot Partner Electric will be added to a mail center in London. 30 already entered service, while the remaining 57 will be introduced within two months.

"Londoners will see more of Royal Mail’s iconic red vans turn green and red this month, as the Company announces a further deployment of zero-emission, electric vans. The vehicles will deliver letters and parcels across selected locations in the capital and surrounding areas."

"Once operational, electric vans will make up a little under half of the mail centre’s total fleet of 216 small vehicles. The initiative supports and accelerates Royal Mail’s shift to zero emission technologies."

"Charged via wall or floor mounted charging posts, the mix of Mercedes-Benz eVito and Peugeot Partner vans are specially designed to help postmen and women deliver letters and parcels in a secure and environmentally-friendly way. With load capacities ranging from 3.7m3 to 6.3m3, the vehicles will operate as part of the Mail Centre’s usual delivery routes."

Royal Mail's fleet is actually the largest one in the country (more than 48,000 vehicles), but just 290 are electric. We assume that rather sooner than later, EV orders will surge to thousands.

Paul Gatti, Royal Mail Fleet Director said:

“As a Company, we are committed to making changes to our operations that reduce our environmental impact, while ensuring we continue to meet customer expectations. We are delighted that we can expand our fleet in London with more electric vehicles. This will allow the business to continue to deliver letters and parcels safely, efficiently and in the most environmentally-friendly way possible as we continue to shift to low emission technologies.”