While non-Tesla BEV sales increased only by 16% year-over-year, the PHEVs went down by 31%.

Since we already know the overall plug-in electric car sales and Tesla sales results for 2019 for the U.S. market, let's now see how the non-Tesla sales progressed.

We are comparing Tesla to the rest of the automotive industry simply to see what is happening with other brands (Tesla accounts for the majority of plug-in car sales).

Non-Tesla all-electric car sales - 2019

In 2019, all-electric car sales slightly increased year-over-year, which is a very positive outcome, taking into consideration that 2018 was a record year and some models (Tesla, GM) were not eligible for full $7,500 federal tax credit.

The non-Tesla BEVs noted a noticeable 16% increase in 2019 to 51,106, however, it's not enough to even beat the 2017 record of 53,423.

Hopefully, 2020 will be much better.

In Q4:

  • BEVs: 70,392 (down 22%)
  • Tesla BEVs: 56,525 (down 27%)
  • Non-Tesla BEVs: 13,867 (up over 6%)

In 2019:

  • BEVs: 243,356 (up 3%)
  • Tesla: 192,250 (up 0.3%)
  • Non-Tesla BEVs: 51,106 (up almost 16%)
  • Tesla stands for an impressive 79% of total BEV sales.

Non-Tesla plug-in car sales - 2019

Plug-in hybrid car sales collapsed in 2019, which translated also into a decrease in the overall non-Tesla plug-in electric car sales.

In Q4:

  • PHEVs: 23,069 (down 36%)
  • Non-Tesla plug-ins (BEVs/PHEVs): 36,936 (down 25%)

In 2019:

  • PHEVs: 86,173 (down 31%)
  • Non-Tesla plug-ins (BEVs/PHEVs): 137,278 (down 19%)
  • Tesla took 58% of total plug-in sales
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