Iceland experienced a significant drop in general car sales in 2019 (32% year-over-year), which unfortunately concerns plug-in electric cars too (down by 16% to 2,925).

However, as the decline of plug-ins is slower than the general market, the market share actually rose to all-time record of 25%, the highest globally aside from Norway (55.9%). For comparison, the share in 2018 was 19%, while in 2017, it was "just" 14%.

Plug-in electric car sales in Iceland - December 2019

The top-selling model for the fourth year in a row in Iceland was the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. It seems that an all-wheel drive, plug-in hybrid with decent passenger space is the thing Icelanders need the most.

An outstanding 603 sales are maybe not as good as 999 in 2018, but it still allowed the Japanese manufacturer to take a 21% market share of the plug-in segment.

The Nissan LEAF was the second-best (296), while the fight for the third position was very close:

So far, there is no Tesla Model 3 "effect" yet in Iceland.


Source: EV Sales Blog

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