The end of the year was extremely hot in terms of plug-in electric car sales in the Netherlands, which not only beat, but rather trampled previous records.

Let's start with December 2019. 22,983 new passenger plug-in electric cars were registered in the country - three times more than a year ago, and thousands more than the old 15,879 record from December 2016 from an era of the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV.

In effect, the overall market share of plug-ins surged to an outstanding 54%! That's more than half of all car sales, which was seen previously only in Norway.

Plug-in electric car sales in the Netherlands – December 2019


The big increases of sales in the last months of the year in the Netherlands are related (in 2019 and often in previous years) to changes in EV incentives to less favorable in 2020. Most recently, taxes on BEVs were increased (from January 2020), but still remain lower than in case of other types. The plan of the gradual decrease in the tax incentive for BEVs over the next couple of years is expected to cause more of the same pattern in the future.

Overall, in 2019, plug-in car sales in the Netherlands increased by 146% year-over-year, to 66,630. The average market share is amazing 15% (compared to 6% in 2018)!

The specifics of the Dutch market is that 93% of plug-ins sold were BEVs (compared to 99% in December!).


Model rank

The biggest splash was made by the Tesla Model 3, which with 12,053 new registrations (29,922 YTD) was the top-selling model for the month and for the year, regardless of powertrain type.

Model 3 took 52.4% of all plug-in registrations for the month of December and 44.9% for the year 2019. Tesla as a brand noted 47% of all plug-in car sales in 2019.

Great sales results in the Netherlands are not only thanks to Tesla, as other BEVs are also performing nicely, which allowed for an all-BEV top six for the month.

Our attention was caught especially by the Audi e-tron, which surprised with 3,054 registrations in December and 4,116 YTD. That's an awesome number, much higher than the Tesla Model X (192 and 463 YTD) or Jaguar I-PACE (428 and 769 YTD). Reportedly, most of the e-trons were the entryl-level e-tron 50 quattro version.

Audi e-tron
Audi e-tron

Three more models (Nissan LEAF, Renault ZOE, MG ZS EV) had around 1,000 registrations. In the case of the MG ZS EV it's really positive news for the automaker.

Top five for the month:

Top 20 for the year:


Source: EV Sales Blog

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