Editor's note: The original video that accompanied this article has been removed by the publisher.

Our friend Ben Sullins (Teslanomics) recently posted a short video clip on Twitter showing what appeared to be an all-electric Ford Transit Amazon delivery van. It actually said 100 percent electric on the vehicle itself. Sean Mitchell took notice, only to learn that the conversion was performed by a company near him that he'd previously visited.

The Colorado-based company — Lightning Systems — converts Class 3 to Class 8 diesel- and gasoline-powered vehicles to fully electric. We know that Amazon has heavily invested in Rivian Automotive. In addition, the company has pre-ordered 100,000 all-electric delivery trucks from the startup automaker. It's outstanding to learn that Amazon is already moving forward rather than waiting.


Check out Sullins' tweet and Mitchell's brief video above. When you're done watching, don't forget to leave us a comment below. You can also leave some questions for Mitchell, since there are still more details to learn about Lightning Systems. We can reach out to him or ask him to check out the comments and provide us with further information.

Video Description via Sean Mitchell (All Things EV) on YouTube:

The company powering Amazon's EV delivery vehicles (and it's not Rivian)

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