The hydrogen fuel cell vehicle revolution, on which some companies count, did not progress in 2019. At least not in the U.S., where sales actually declined.

The sales stats provided by the California Fuel Cell Partnership for the year 2019 show a 12% decline to about 2,089 FCVs.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Sales In The U.S. - December 2019


As of January 2020, there were about 8,000 hydrogen fuel cell cars in the U.S., or rather that's the number sold since 2012.

The number of hydrogen stations in California (the top market for FCVs) improved to 44, which is just four more than were posted some eight months ago.


The low sales results of FCVs are not a surprise for us, especially since we were never believers in the viability of FCVs.

Source: California Fuel Cell Partnership

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