December brings relatively good results for Audi e-tron sales in the U.S. as the first all-electric Audi noted 746 sales, which the second-best monthly result so far.

Compared to strong overall Audi sales of 25,850 cars (up 14% year-over-year), the e-tron took 2.9% share.

Audi e-tron sales in U.S. - December 2019


After nine months, Audi sold some 5,369 e-tron in the U.S. It's 2.4% of the total 224,111 Audi (in 12 months).

Hopefully, the results will improve over time, especially since Audi is upgrading its EVs to get more range.

The potential is high, which is proved by outstanding results in some European markets. For example, in the Netherlands alone, Audi e-tron registrations amounted to 3,054 in the single month of December and 4,116 YTD.

The potential to break into four-digit sales results is also indicated by high sales of all Audi Q-series models:

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