When Smart Summon tests started, an informative video from Tesla Raj reminded people it is beta software. As Autopilot still is. That status requires people to know they are helping to test the software, which is not production-ready yet. We just wonder why Autopilot is still a beta after so many saves it has performed. It has even helped to spare wildlife. The one above is just another trophy for the list, but an impressive one.

Gallery: With Saves Like This, Why Is Autopilot Still A Beta?

The Somishows YouTube channel owner, Somi Chuhon, was driving her Tesla south on I-5 around Lathrop, CA, as his video description let us know. She does not mention which Tesla she has here, but this other video tells us it is a Model 3.

All of a sudden, a distracted driver tries to enter her lane, and Autopilot starts veering. She does the rest of the job, thankful that Tesla created Autopilot.

With such nice results, we still wonder why Autopilot is beta. Will it be the autonomous software used by FSD – Full Self-Driving? Is it a smart way to prevent legal problems? Is it because it still fails in some situations? This last hypothesis is the most likely, as the tweet below shows:


Despite minor issues, Autopilot is surely doing a great job. We wonder at which point it will be when it is no longer beta software. Considering it is offered since 2014, that may take a while more.

Video Description Via Somishows On YouTube:

I never wanted to experience first-hand the power of Tesla Autopilot's safety features. But I have one now for the books.

December 26, 2019: Travelling south on I-5 around Lanthrop, CA. A careless driver clearly didn't check the blindspot properly (or misjudged because of the truck), and almost hit me. The initial swerve to the right is ALL Tesla. I took over when I noticed my Tesla swerving and suddenly saw the car about to jump into my lane. I quickly jerked it further to the right. There was no damage to my Tesla. Autopilot works. 

A short moment later, I drove by the Tesla Factory in Lanthrop. I saw the big "TESLA" sign from the highway, and smiled. It was like Tesla was watching over me. 

I'm so appreciative of the hard work Tesla has done and continues to do to increase safety for us owners.

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