When people say EVs are going to save the planet and personal mobility, they mean that they are cleaner than oil-burning options. Anyway, we can say the Tesla Autopilot has a more direct way of saving Mother Nature. Check this mountain lion above, for example. Unaware of traffic laws, it crosses right in front of this Tesla. Aware of the big cat, Autopilot brakes to avoid killing it.

Gallery: See Tesla Autopilot Brake For a Mountain Lion In Montana

The video shows how fast everything happened. In less than nine seconds, the mountain lion comes out of nowhere at high speed, enters the road, and almost gets hit by the Tesla. The videomaker says the braking came from Autopilot, and we have no reason to doubt that, especially considering the other videos on the ATeslaInRuralMontana YouTube channel.

In the video below, it shows a pheasant crossing the road.

You clearly see the driver was aware of the bird and stops for it to cross. As he was about these turkeys.

The Tesla driver was also the one responsible for allowing these deers to cross the road. More than once, if you check the other videos on this YouTube channel.

What about these jackrabbits racing the Tesla? They run in front of the patient EV for a while until they finally decide to get out of the way.

This Tesla in Montana sure has a lot of contact with Mother Nature and we are glad to see it respects it so much. More than that, it is reassuring that Autopilot also protects it. It may confuse boys in orange T-shirts for traffic cones, but it respects any of them. Now, we know it also cares for wildlife, even if Snagglepuss takes "exit, stage right" instead of left in the main video. Check the original below.

Video Description Via ATeslaInRuralMontana On YouTube:

A mountain lion passes in front of us in Townsend, MT.

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