It seems even hammers somehow manage to fly.

Watch this video that captures the very moment a flying hammer hits a moving Tesla Model 3. The hammer impacts the windshield, but does the glass break? Check out the video to find out.

We've seen how a steel ball can break the glass of a Tesla Cybertruck, but this flying hammer is not a test. Rather, it's a real-life event and it's quite scary to watch.

Among the items you'd never expect to strike your car is probably this flying hammer. Sure, a rock hitting a windshield is normal. Bugs impacting the car are common, but a flying tool? What's even more impressive is that the video captures the tool in flight and that we can actually make out the fact that it's a hammer.

Flying Hammer

It's hard to tell, but it appears as though the hammer is kicked up by the tire of another vehicle. The hammer then bounces and takes flight. It then heads directly for the windshield of the Model 3.

Was there any damage? Yes, of course, the hammer broke the windshield, but look at the image below and you'll see it didn't enter the vehicle.

Flying Hammer

Video description via Tesla Revolution on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 gets hit by FLYING HAMMER.

Ever had a flying hammer smack into your windshield? Well, there's always a first for everything. And this time it wasn't Elon Musk telling someone to hit your car with a hammer. It was a hammer flying out of nowhere.

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