Volkswagen Group outlines an unprecedented expansion into the all-electric car segment, which within six years (in 2025) might account for 20% (or 3 million units) of total deliveries (by all the brands).

This year, the group expects to achieve around 1% for BEVs, while next year we will see tremendous growth to 4% (mostly in Europe, with a significant share of China).

Volkswagen Group BEV sales forecast


The share of BEVs should double to some 8% in 2022 and once again in the following two years.

We must admit that the Volkswagen Group's approach is now very bold, maybe the boldest among all established automotive groups.

Moreover, as Volkswagen did not resign from plug-in hybrids, the electrification will be even broader.

The question is, will the anticipated sales materialize and will everything go as smoothly as planned?

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